The American dream began when Tiago Silva was 13 ...

He started working in a small family workshop, but with a great master, his friend and boss at the time Jorge!

Amazingly today is your right arm and it is with great pride that was chosen to be the manager in charge!

It was there that he learned to like to turn the old into new, and scrap a worthy specimen collection. The taste was growing and the experience too, but life takes many turns and you can not always do what you like ...

Over the years, he has always been doing restorations, mostly for his private collection, but also to friends who almost forced him to accept work that no one else wanted and often no one else could do.

It was always very proud to be dedicated to the greatest perfection to all jobs.

However, after several trips to the USA, the willingness to engage in other articles for restoration did broaden their horizons. And now finally born the coveted American Dream.

Increasingly sought the restoration of old cars and motorcycles, as well as everything that is considered vintage items with sentimental value or meaning, is an activity that requires a lot of experience ...

The American Dream is dedicated exclusively to the professional restoration of vintage items, classic and historic cars in the vast majority of American brands, either purposely acquired for this purpose and also projects collectors and owners of classic.

Our working method aims to obtain the maximum accuracy and perfection in the restoration, as far as possible in accordance with the original requirements of the respective period, but also according to requirements of car traffic today.

For this provide the mechanical restoration services, obtain parts, beats plate, carpentry, painting, upholstery, wiring, plating, finishing and detail.

With our knowledge and experience, we also do the classic research of your dreams ...

We are entirely at your disposal for any questions, clarification or guidance.